This page provides some quick links to several of my projects and current research.

My On the Trail of History video series is posted to YouTube, with the associated instructional materials posted on this website (where the videos are also organized by topic, theme, and historical chronology for ease of use).  Although some major events are included, it generally covers topics from U.S. history that are less well-known or accessible to general audiences.  Since most people do not have access to research libraries, finding the best scholaship and explanations for complex topics is not always possible.  My hope is to bring history to people wherever they live.

History in 360 Degrees is another series I created, currently hosted on Facebook.  It contains 360 degree images that allow users to step into a historic site and look around!  When you visit the site and click on one of the photo albums (organized by site), you will be able to click on an image to open it full-size.  Use the mouse to click (or tap with your finger on a mobile device) and you can then drag the image up, down, or in a circle to look around the room.  It is an excellent resource for students to engage with history and sites they may not otherwise be able to visit.

Augmented reality also lends itself to educational resources and engaging students with content.  One of my projects uses Augmented Reality for Museum Displays.  Additional projects are being developed to partner with other regional sites and grant organizations for 2017 and 2018.

For the 100th anniversary of World War I, I organized an ongoing lecture series and several resources for students at Great War History Lecture Series.

Since 2015 I have published resources for educators as .pdf files on this website.  These include a guide to primary sources, a handout for students explaining “What is Historiography?”, and a guide to evaluating internet websites for academic research.  With the growth of mobile and tablet devices, I have converted the publications to webpages for greater ease of use. They are available under Teacher Resources and the main landing page for the Primary Sources Guide (from there you can navigate to the subpages for thematic or chronological searching).

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